Holdfast Pacific 1941-1945


HoldFast Pacific has the empire of Japan attempt to control the vast Pacific Ocean. After devastating the United States fleet at Pearl Harbor, the Japanese naval, air and land forces push their conquest across the Pacific. Their only obstacles are weakened Allied forces and time as the Allies recover. Can you as the Japanese player secure a Pacific empire that protects your homeland from your enemies? And as the Allied player can you rebuild your armed forces and mount a counter attack that prevents the Japanese expansion and bring the war to their homeland?



Holdfast Pacific Q & A


Allied Player Resource Point Add-on Track 

Print this sheet to place under the Allied Player’s Order of Appearance chart to track the players increase in RP.


Original Rules for Holdfast Pacific 1941-1945

Living Rules for Holdfast Pacific 1941-1945

Updated 06-12-17

  • Updated: Page 2, Section 5 – Allied RP starts at 3, each turn it increases 2 RP and maxes out at 15.


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