Our Pre-Order system works just like most of the other game companies that you are familiar with.  This system will allow you to let us know what games interest you the most.   As a very small game company this is important to us because our print runs are small and costs higher than the bigger companies, so we must get it right.  The best way to do that is to make games based on your pre-order input and bring the ones with the most interest to market first.  Most important is you have great influence over the games we move to the front of the production line and get the games you want sooner.


We have numerous games that have been designed and developed and are at or near completion.  Games at this state will be put on our pre-order system for you to choose.  These games, while in the pre-order status, are discounted 20-40% for anyone that orders the game. When you place your pre-order you will be prompted to give billing, shipping, and credit card information.  YOUR CREDIT CARD IS NOT CHARGED AT THIS TIME AND YOU CAN CHANGE YOU ORDER AT ANY TIME.  There is no risk to you.  You will be notified of your pre-order, provided an order number, and you can manage your orders.

Once a game shows enough customer interest  we move it to production and printing.  At that time pre-order customers for the game will be notified the game is moving to final production/printing and of the date we will charge your card for your pre-order.  At this point you can still adjust or change your order.  Once the charge date arrives we charge your card and you will be notified of the payment and the pre-order it is for.  Game shipment will follow this in generally two to eight weeks.

Pre-order customers will always get the most discounted price. Some games may move to Kickstarter but never at a price lower than a pre-order price. Anyone who pre-orders through our website on games that are moved to Kickstarter will receive all Kickstarter exclusives and stretch goals.

Kickstarter, if used, will be for those folks with interest in our games that are not on our mailing list or that do not use our pre-order system.

Manage your account at anytime in the “Pre-Order” section of the “My Account” menu link.


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