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Burgoyne’s campaign to split the colonies using Worthington Publishings revolutionary war campaign system from NY 1776 and Trenton 1776

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New terrain, river movement (reflected in blue roads) vs. brown roads limit how many units can use the road. A holding box to reflect British General Clintons movement towards Albany may draw off American regulars desperately needed to block British General Burgoyne’s advance.

New elite American units reflect some of the back woods specialist such as Morgan, Deerborn, and Warner. American General Arnold is provided to lead the American charge, but be careful using him as he can be hit and removed from the game. Regulars, militia, artillery, and the leaders round out the American lineup.

The British are back with their redcoat infantry, Hessian mercenaries, artillery and leaders. A new twist for them is the native Americans who can hit and run without pursuit, but they only hang around for one round of battle so knowing when to put them in is critical.

In this battle example on the included Battle Board it is the British battle turn and he performs the following; He fires at the American right battlefield position with his artillery unit in his left battlefield position. Rolling 3 dice he causes a hit with the 5 and a militia flee with the 1. The American player applies the hit to the militia and then has the militia unit flee. Next the British player moves Fraser from his reserve to the center. Then he fires his infantry unit in his right at the American left by rolling 2 dice (the current SP of his infantry unit) and scores a hit with the 6. Fraser cannot fire because he moved. Last the British player rolls 4 die and fires with his Native American unit in the center. The 1 and 2 rolled cause militia flee results (Native American units cause flee results on 1 and 2). Both American militia units in the center must flee. This causes a forced retreat and all American units must retreat and the British units will get a battle fire at the retreating units.


WHAT’S IN THE BOX FOR SARATOGA 1777: You get a beautiful hard mounted game board showing the area in upper New York, New Hampshire Grants (Vermont) and Massachusetts, over 70 blue and read wooden blocks, labels for those blocks, rules, battle board for fighting your tactical battles, and dice.

Game time: Campaign game 2 hours or less.  Scenarios 1 hour.

Players: Best with two but still interesting solo.

Ages: 10 and higher

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