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Volume Two of the BREAK THE LINE series. Isandlwana was the greatest victory for the Zulu nation.  For Great Britain, it was a crushing defeat, and for its modern army, one of its worst losses.



  • Box
  • Rule Book
  • 14 British Unit Cards
  • 28 Zulu Unit Cards
  • 12 Battle Event Cards
  • 1 Die
  • 16 wooden cubes
  • 2 Game Board Sides

Complexity: 2 of 10
Solitaire Suitability: 2 of 10
Playing Time: 30 minutes
Players: 2

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When the British moved into Zululand in 1879 they were the hunters looking for an easy victory. Using rifles and artillery with the best modern technology they expected to overwhelm the poorly armed Zulus quickly.  Overconfident, the British in their pursuit of the Zulu army divided their forces.  Instead the fast moving Zulu army out maneuvered  the divided British army and were able to corner British forces at Islandlwana.  The British army there became the hunted and were overwhelmed by a massive Zulu army.

Islandlwana is a short game for two players using a simple “board” and cards representing the units. One player is the British, with a small army defending its camp at Isandlwana with rifles and artillery; the other is the Zulus, defending its homeland whose overwhelming numbers are mostly armed with spears and asagis.

In game play the regular British army units are very powerful with rifles and ranged fire; as long as they have ammunition and can maintain their line.  But once their firepower drops or their line becomes broken, the Zulus can get close or flank the British units and are equal in melee.

This game uses a “virtual board”.
Two “sides” of the board are supplied, which helps players visualize the central area of the board where the game takes place and the sectors of the battlefield. In Isandlwana these two sides can be used by each player to move and attack with units.

Victory for the Zulus is obtained by breaking the line of two of the three British sectors of the battlefield before game end.  British victory is holding on to two of their sectors until game end.

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