Cowboys Rebranded board game available on Kickstarter

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COWBOYS REBRANDED is now available on Kickstarter!!! First published in 2007 it was playable by 2 to 10 players with lots of historical and fictional scenarios. With over 10 years of comments and reviews we’ve updated the game and got rid of the bad and ugly but kept the good.

The game is now playable by 1 to 10 players with an AI engine that keeps it fun. With a chit draw mechanic no two turns will play the same as the player order will always be random. No ugo-igo, or mongo! We’ve added plastic tracking bases to keep track of health, weapons, and ammo on the board—-no side charts. The rules, scenarios, cards, and boards, have all been updated and freshened. We’ve kept the cool cowboy art.

The boards are now combined into a large hard mounted 20 x 30 double sided game board, one side is a town layout, the other a prairie board.

All this in a game that still is playable in 30 to 90 minutes of bullet flying fury!


Large 20 x 30 hard mounted double-sided game board.
Chit draw mechanic that replaces igo-ugo keeping each cowboy interactive and unpredictable
Full color scenario book with new scenarios plus the best original scenarios modified for the new rules that simplify and speed up set up.
Solitaire engine.
1 to 10 players can play.
Tracker bases that rotate for keeping track of health, ammo, and weapons on board. No side charts.
Updated rules that add no complexity but tons more fun (all based on comments and suggestions from the original cowboys).

We’ve got a number of packages that give gamers a ton of flexibility on what and how many they can order of COWBOYS plus many of our new titles.
Please share with your gaming friends and groups!!

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