A little game play of HOLDFAST EASTFRONT

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This is an example of play from a solitaire play I had of Holdfast Eastfront.   It illustrates some principles of game play.

Start of April 1942 turn.  The weather is clear so the German has 26 RP and spends five adding SP to dinged units.  Leaves the German 21 RP.  He moves one armor and one infantry up next to Leningrad.  That cost him 2 RP.   For 1 RP to attack, he uses the Finnish army plus an infantry that did not move, and the infantry and armor that did move, plus air support to attack Leningrad.  The Russian has a three SP Infantry that rolls 6 dice with the 3 extra for a fortified city that scores no hits on the German armies.  The German rolls three hits.  Because one of the armor and infantry have moved they may not move again.  The German spends one additional RP to move the Finnish army into Leningrad.  The German now has 17 RP left for the rest of the turn.








The above picture is before the attack.  The German armor and the adjacent German infantry in the swamp both moved.  





The picture is Leningrad taken.  Below is the picture of the game just after the taking of Leningrad showing the full board.  The German has 17 RP remaining and has just taken Leningrad.








Next I will go south and try to take Sevastopol by June.  With Leningrad and Sevastopol both taken that will reduce the Russian RP by three RP.

The German second panzer and 17th army attack the Russian sixth army for one RP.  I add one German air unit for no extra RP.  That gives me seven German dice against two Russian dice.  

The Russian scores one hit on the 17th army.  For one RP now move the 2nd Panzer through the whole created pushing him through next to Sevastopol.  For one RP each I next move the 6th army and 4th Romanian army through the hole created cutting off the Russian 12th army and ensuring supply for the 2nd Panzer next to Sevastopol.

I will stop now and continue play as this is making my game too long to play I will try to post more of these in the future.  Happy gaming!

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