HoldFast Russia 1941-42 is our strategic World War II game on the Russian Campaign.  It is the first of our Campaigns of World War II series.  It uses wooden blocks for fog of war and hex movement.  Clean mechanics and a manageable number of units allow for the entire campaign to be played in a evening.  Objectives are clear.  Hold two of the three victory location cities at the end of the game.  But with mud and supplies a constant factor, German armor always a threat,  and winter  bringing a boost to Russian resources and manpower, it is not easy for either side to HOLDFAST. “The world will hold it’s breath…”

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“The world will hold it’s breath…” On June 22, 1941, the German army attacked Russia in the largest land battle the world would ever know. Millions of soldiers and civilians would lose their lives in a vicious life or death struggle that would decide the fate of the Third Reich. The German army came within miles of capturing their main objectives in 1941 and 1942, each time to have victory snatched from them by a micromanaging leader, poor planning, poor supply, bad weather, and a Russian army that was determined to fight to the death. From 1943 onward the fate of Germany was sealed. Now Worthington Publishing gives you the opportunity to replay this great campaign, and perhaps … change history.

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“Bravo for HOLDFAST”
“Back to the old days when wargames were clean, simple, challenging and fun (and historical enough as long as you don’t get games and books mixed up).  There is brilliance in that with basically 3 pages of rules (deleting illustrations and photographs) this ruleset will produce the possibilities that could have occured.  There are a just a FEW variables that can cause these variabilities. Weather and RPs (Resource Points).  Factors in the game are Airpower, Supply, Breakthroughs, Weather, Reinforcements and especially Replacements (Resource Points).
You could go the entire game never rolling MUD unlike SNOW which is guaranteed two months out of the year.  Snow HOWEVER, is not that devastating for the German (unlike in TRC……..). In fact a little luck on the bone and you will hardly notice a difference between Snow and a sunny spring day. Thrilled to see the WG philos reverse direction from the runaway philos of ‘If this can be done in 2 pages of rules then 10 pages will be better…….’Great job WG and a 9.3 from me on BGG.”  Joseph Geistwhite Boardgame Geek review

Weapons and Warriors Review of Holdfast:


After the release of the game it came to our attention of a print error in the initial setup for the Russian player for several units.  The following information is the corrected initial setup for several Russian units:

  • The 13th army is placed in Kiev.  There is no 16th army.
  • The 18th army is placed in Moscow.  There is no 20th army.
  • The 7th army starts in the replacement pool.
  • On the reinforcement setup for November 1942 the Russian 8th GD is infantry, not armor.

We do apologize for the error, but again want to thank you for your support.  A correction note will be in the game box.


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