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Grant's Gamble Box Art

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Originally we were going to release one game. However, based on the excitement level for the Band of Brothers series being released all at once we decided to do the same with this series. Also, this made sense because all three games were designed, and this series contains linkable maps and units that can be used to create many more game sets.

Each game focuses on one or two particular campaigns from the war. The maps may be joined to lay out the Civil War in the Eastern Theater with campaigns from 1861 to 1865. Each box game comes with a 22″ x 17” sturdy game map, blocks, labels, series rules, campaign specific rules, battle board, and dice. The games are playable in 2 hours or under.

Also, all three games boards can be combined for additional campaigns.

Series Base Rules

GRANT’S GAMBLE:  Volume I focuses on the 1864 Overland Campaign from Culpepper to the Va./NC border. As Grant can you drive south destroying Lee’s veterans as you capture Richmond and Petersburg? As Lee can you hold Richmond and Petersburg long enough, and inflict enough casualties to make a war-weary Union not to reelect Lincoln and bring independence to the South?

Grants Rules

LEE’S INVINCIBLES:  VOLUME II focuses on Lee’s 1863 Gettysburg Campaign from Fredericksburg to Harrisburg. As Lee can you do what wasn’t done and defeat the Union army leading to the capture of Washington DC and independence for the Confederacy? As Hooker or Meade can you defeat Lee and drive his army into the Potomac forcing his surrender and ending the war years early.

Lees Rules

JACKSON & SHERIDAN: VOLUME III focuses on the 1862 & 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaigns from Lynchburg to Harper’s Ferry. As Jackson can you drive the Yankee army out of your beloved valley, forcing Lincoln to draw troops from in front of Richmond? As McDowell, Fremont, and Banks can you defeat Jackson and push east to finish the Confederacy in 1862 saving thousands of lives and years of turmoil? Refight 1864 as Sheridan and Early duel from Washington to Lynchburg.

Jackson and Sheridan Rules

Blue & Gray Grand Campaign Optional Rules

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Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 4.5 in