HOLDFAST: ATLANTIC and HOLDFAST: PACIFIC now available on Kickstarter until 9/24

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Now available on Kickstarter is our next exciting campaign. HOLDFAST: ATLANTIC and HOLDFAST: PACIFIC. These are volumes 3 and volume 4 of our Campaigns of World War 2 series.

Some of you may remember the old Avalon Hill classics WAR AT SEA and VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC. The first wargame I purchased was WAR AT SEA. It was easy to understand, quick playing, with a great historic overview of the campaigns. You got to relive the historical confrontations such as the Bismarck and Hood, the U-Boat campaigns, and the battle for the Mediterranean. With VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC you battled for control of the Pacific with the great aircraft carriers such as the Akagi, Enterprise, Kaga, Yorktown and many more. The best thing about both of these games were they were fun!!

Now you can cruise into battle again with HOLDFAST: ATLANTIC and HOLDFAST: PACIFIC. Avalon Hill’s WAR AT SEA and VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC used flat counters and you always knew what ships your opponent was moving where. Our game system brings the fog of war back into the battle with the use of stand up blocks. Ships in a sea zone are unknown until all ships are committed and battle begins. Using the Holdfast system we developed you will command all of the classic ships as they fight again. But with the blocks you won’t know what ships your opponent is moving or where. Is that a carrier group or cruisers and battleships getting ready to pound Guadalcanal? Is that the Bismarck or a wolf pack of U-boats hunting for convoys?

While using concepts from the classics the games, these games use HOLDFAST combat system for the ship fighting. These are great games for teaching new gamers, getting a young gamer into war gaming, teaching some history, and for veteran gamers you will have tense games that play great to the last turn.

We have numerous pledge packages that gamers can choose from. Not only can you get these two games in a package together, at a steep discount, but you can pick up HOLDFAST NORTH AFRICA and HOLDFAST KOREA to complete your collection and have a land/sea extravaganza.

This will be a quick, down and dirty kickstarter campaign. There will only be a limited 2.5 week window for this kickstarter as we want to get this game printed and try to get it in your hands by Christmas—that’s our goal.

Happy gaming,
Team Worthington

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