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We want to thank all the great folks that supported our latest Kickstarter project. You have made it possible for us and PSC to produce for you one of the most interesting game projects. It is huge. It will have the very best components. It will be unique. Over 30 scenarios from the American Revolutionary War in a game that uses miniature plastic soldiers as game pieces. New MEGA HEX TILES will be part of the package. A French and Indian War expansion with many more scenarios with Indians, Rangers, French, etc. Flags that add color and purpose to the battlefields. It is a game first and foremost. Yet because of the great plastic soldiers you have made possible, for some it can even be a play set, and for others a miniatures table top battle.

We have appreciated your comments and suggestions. One that was loud and clear was many wanted to see Hessians available as part of the project. We are looking at that and some other options as we move into production with these incredible game sets and game pieces. We will update all as we move forward. Thank you all so much.


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